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Minutes of meetings


Minutes of the Annual Shareholders' Meeting

bullet Annual shareholders meeting - April 2020 

bullet Annual shareholders meeting - April 2017

bullet Annual shareholders meeting - April 2015


Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting


bullet Extraordinary shareholders meeting - October 2018

bullet Extraordinary shareholders meeting - August 2017

bullet Extraordinary shareholders meeting - July 2016

bullet Extraordinary shareholders meeting - January 2016

bullet Extraordinary shareholders meeting - November 2015

bullet Extraordinary shareholders meeting - July 2015

bullet Extraordinary shareholders meeting - February 2015

bullet Extraordinary shareholders meeting - January 2015

bullet Extraordinary shareholders meeting - October 2014


Annual and Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting

bullet Annual and Extraordinary shareholders meeting - April 2019

bullet Annual and Extraordinary shareholders meeting - April 2018

bullet Annual and Extraordinary shareholders meeting - April 2016

bullet Annual and Extraordinary shareholders meeting - April 2014


Minutes of the board of directors' meeting

bullet 910th meeting

bullet 908th meeting

bullet 902nd meeting

bullet 897th meeting

bullet 895th meeting

bullet 894th meeting

bullet 890th meeting

bullet 889th meeting

bullet 887th meeting

bullet 884th meeting

bullet 881st meeting

bullet 880th meeting

bullet 879th meeting

bullet 878th meeting

bullet 877th meeting

bullet 875th meeting

bullet 874th meeting

bullet 873rd meeting

bullet 871st meeting

bullet 865th meeting

bullet 862nd meeting

bullet 861st meeting

bullet 859th meeting

bullet 857th meeting

bullet 855th meeting

bullet 839th meeting

bullet 834th meeting

bullet 833rd meeting

bullet 827th meeting

bullet 823rd meeting

bullet 822nd meeting

bullet 817th meeting

bullet 816th meeting

bullet 814th meeting

bullet 809th meeting

bullet 803rd meeting

bullet 801st meeting

bullet 799th meeting

bullet 796th meeting

bullet 792nd meeting

bullet 790th meeting

bullet 789th meeting

bullet 786th meeting


Fiscal committee

bullet Meeting in July, 2019

bullet Meeting in March, 2019

bullet Meeting in November, 2018

bullet Meeting in October, 2018

bullet Meeting in March, 2017

bullet Meeting in October, 2015

bullet Meeting in August, 2015

bullet Meeting in March, 2015


Audit Committee

bullet Annual summary report in March, 2017

bullet Annual summary report in March, 2016

bullet Annual summary report in March, 2015

Eligibity and Advisory Committee

bullet 1st EAC's meeting

bullet 2nd EAC's meeting

bullet 3rd EAC's meeting

bullet 4th EAC's meeting

bullet 5th EAC's meeting

bullet 6th EAC's meeting

bullet 7th EAC's meeting

bullet 8th EAC's meeting

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