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Tariff Revision

Tariff Adjustment and Extraordinary Revision

bullet Arsesp Resolution nº 1005

bullet Arsesp Resolution nº 991

bullet Arsesp Resolution nº 985  

bulletPublic Consultation Notice nº 02/2020

bullet Regulation of Public Consultation  

bullet ARSESP Regulatory Agenda 

bullet Arsesp Resolution nº 95

bullet Resolution nº 941

bullet Detailed Report with the result of the Public Consultation 09/2019

bullet Highlights of Arsesp Resolution nº 941 - December 13, 2019

bullet Resolution nº 920

bullet Technical Guide PDI - MANUAL.TEC.S-0001-2019

bullet Detailed Report - RC.S-0002-2019

bullet Public Consultation n° 10/2019

bullet  Resolution n° 794 - 5/09/2018

bullet ARSESP's Technical Note 006/2018 - May, 09, 2018

bullet Detailed Report - 5/09/2018

bullet Arsesp's Resolution 753

bullet Arsesp's Resolution 751

bullet Arsesp's Resolution 745

bullet Arsesp's Resolution 725

bullet Arsesp's Resolution 722

bullet Arsesp's Resolution 720

bullet Arsesp's Resolution 643

bullet Technical Note RTS 004/2015 

bullet Sabesp's Contribution to Tariff Revision on April, 15, 2015

bullet Technical Note RTS 003/2015

bullet Detailed Report on Public Consultation

bullet Technical Note RTS 004/2015


bullet Detailed Report and Contributions

bullet Sabesp´s Contribution

bullet Weighted Average Cost of Capital - Sabesp’s contribution to the Basic Sanitation Public Consultation

Basic Sanitation Public Consultation nº 01/2011

bullet Technical Note nº RTS 01/2011



P0, X Factor and RAB

bullet Resolution nº 979/2020


bullet Detailed Reported

bullet Public Consultation 09/2018

bullet Regulations for Public Consultation 09/2018

bullet Regulatory Agenda

bullet Clarification and Revision request

bullet Reconsideration request

bullet DEA Results and X Factor

bullet Sabesp's contribution to the Technical Note 0003/2018

bullet ARSESP's Technical Note 004/2018 - March, 26, 2018

bullet Resolution n° 788 - 3/22/2018

bullet Detailed Report 

bullet Final Technical Note of the calculation methodology

bullet Business Plan of Feb, 21st, 2018

bullet Sabesp's contribution to the Technical Note 0001/2018

bullet Presentation for TN 001/2018

bullet Resolution nº 780 - Timeline

bullet Detailed Reported of Public Consultation 01/2017

bullet Final Technical Note 04/2017

bullet Contribution to the Technical Note Arsesp NT 003/2017

bullet Presentation to the Public Hearing NT 02/2017

bullet Technical Note nº 03/2017

bullet New timeline: Arsesp Resolution 748

bullet Timeline for the Tariff Revision - April, 26, 2017

bullet Second Tariff Review - Initial timeline: Arsesp Resolution 706 

bullet Arsesp Resolution 672
bullet Detailed Public Consultation Report 03/2016 

bullet Sabesp's contributions to the public consultation - 2nd Tariff Revision

bullet Draft of the Term of Reference - 2nd Tariff Revision

bullet Preliminary Technical Note - June 2016

bullet Arsesp Resolution 561
bullet Arsesp Resolution 560

bullet Technical Note RTS 004/2015

bullet Detailed Public Consultation Report (May/2015)

bullet Arsesp Resolution 520

bullet Technical Note RTS 004/2014

bullet Detailed Report RTS 004/2014

bullet Arsesp Resolution 488

bullet Arsesp Resolution 484

bullet Sabesp on Arsesp's Public Hearing March 2014

bullet Technical note 001/2014 Sabesp’s First Tariff Revision

bullet Arsesp Resolution 463
bullet Arsesp - Official Letter 045/2013

bullet Arsesp's Resolution 435

bullet Arsesp's Resolution 427

bullet Request of Administrative review of Resolution 413

bullet Arsesp's Resolution 413

bullet Arsesp's Resolution 406

bullet Technical Note NT/F/007/2013

let Sabesp's contributions to the public consultation

bullet Sabesp's First Tariff Revision (Second Tariff Cycle) - Calculation of P0 and X Factor - November 2012

bullet Arsesp's Resolution 373

bullet Arsesp's Resolution 370

bullet April 2012 - Detailed Methodology for SABESP's Tariff Revision Process

bullet Arsesp Resolution nº 156 of July 30, 2010

bullet Contribution to the ARSESP Preliminary Technical Note - January 2013

bullet Detailed Methodology for SABESP’s Tariff Revision Process (Technical Note RTS/01/2012)

bullet April 2012 - Detailed Methodology for SABESP's Tariff Revision Process

bullet On September 22, 2009, Sabesp hosted a breakfast with Hugo Sérgio de Oliveira - CEO of ARSESP

bullet Schedule of Sabesp's 1st tariff revision

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