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Adherence to the bonus for those who save water increases in November


The percentage of people who received the consumption reduction bonus increased. In November, the first month with the new benefit ranges, 53% of the consumers reduced their consumption by 20% or more and received the discount, versus 50% in October and 49% in September.

In November, there was also a slight decline in the percentage of clients whose consumption increased, despite the worst drought in history. Last month, 24% of consumers increased their water consumption, against 25% in October. Those who reduced consumption, but did not reach the bonus came to 23% in November, 25% in October and 26% in September.

The result of the consumers’ adherence was savings of 4,100 liters per second, which is sufficient to serve around 1.2 million people – the combined population of Diadema and São Bernardo do Campo. In October, savings came to 3,600 liters per second.

The bonus gives a 30% discount in the water bill for those who reduce consumption by 20% or more, always in relation to the average between February 2013 and January 2014. The benefit is valid for the cities served by Sabesp in the Alto Tietê basin: São Paulo, Arujá, Barueri, Biritiba-Mirim, Caieiras, Cajamar, Carapicuíba, Cotia, Diadema, Embu das Artes, Embu-Guaçu, Ferraz de Vasconcelos, Francisco Morato, Franco da Rocha, Itapecerica da Serra, Itapevi, Itaquaquecetuba, Jandira, Mairiporã, Mogi das Cruzes (border districts), Osasco, Pirapora do Bom Jesus, Poá, Ribeirão Pires, Rio Grande da Serra, Salesópolis, Santana de Parnaíba, São Bernardo do Campo, Suzano, Taboão da Serra and Vargem Grande Paulista.

New bonus ranges

The new bonus was launched in November, extending the benefit to those who save more than 10%. The measure is designed to encourage the population to avoid waste and contribute to ensuring supply. See the new bands:


Bonus Ranges


The effects of the new ranges are still being analyzed and will be disclosed soon.


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